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Braham & Murray are the leading producers of hemp ingredients in Europe. We produce delicious, healthy food ingredients and products made from hemp, one of the most environmentally friendly and nutritious plants on earth.

We champion hemp because it is such a naturally rich source of protein, Omega 3, fibre and other beneficial vitamins and minerals. It contains all 20 amino acids including all 9 essential amino acids our bodies need but cannot produce themselves. It is low in saturated fat, completely allergen free, and has no unpleasant side effects sometimes associated with soya and whey. There really isn’t a downside.

Good Hemp ingredients are simply ‘Good in Every Way’.

Braham & Murray were the first people to reintroduce hemp into the UK in the 1990s. Today, we are Europe’s leading hemp experts, innovators and producers, rapidly expanding our range from Good Hemp Oil to Hemp Protein Powders, Hemp Hearts, Hemp Fibre and Good Hemp Milk with more great ideas in the pipeline.

Braham & Murray are the only vertically integrated producers of hemp ingredients in the world, which is how we offer unrivalled quality and value.