Hemp seeds and fibres are already being successfully used in bread, biscuits and other applications to create tasty nutritious and gluten free products.

The benefits are primarily adding nutritionally valuable fats, fibres (soluble & insoluble) and protein. The coarser fibres make it easy to add less processed fibres into a product, resulting in a slower gut transition then some soluble fibres. This trend for products with ingredients with minimal processing we see increasing.

The natural Vitamin C levels in hemp ingredients [insert level here] may also contribute to lift in bakery.

Hemp ingredients have a naturally low pH which can also help with shelf life and longevity.

Other recipes available:


Double Chocolate Brownies gluten free

Lemon and poppy seed muffin

Multigrain tin loaf 50%

Multigrain tin loaf hemp fibre

Olive & Parmesan bread 75% hemp protein

Olive & Parmesan bread hemp fibre


Rough puff pastry

Shortcrust pastry

Sour dough 50%

Sour dough 75%

Sponge cake

Triple chocolate cookies

Wholemeal hemp biscuits