Hemp Cream

Our Hemp Cream is the world’s first dairy free hemp cream concentrate. Developed and produced exclusively by our founders Henry Braham & Glynnis Murray it is the ideal base for beverages, milk alternatives and foods intended as a dairy substitute.

Hemp Cream is a purified concentrated emulsion with the consistency of double cream, produced by milling and separating Hemp Seed. The product is produced on a strictly controlled unique manufacturing process involving mechanical separation without any chemical extraction.  It is characterised by high Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids with 48% PUFA’s.

It is an entirely natural product with a light nutty flavour and is allergen free.

Hemp cream has not been through an enzymatic process and will not be converted into free sugars in the body, it can be used to make a genuinely healthy product as a stand alone ingredient or in combination with other ingredients such as pea to improve flavour and amino acid profile even more.

Unlike some vegan milk products our hemp milk would not attract a sugar tax levy if the tax were applied to plant based milks.

20% fat cream is UHT cream, totally stabilised product suitable for applications such as soups.

40% fat cream is chilled, pasteurised, homogenised and stablilised and suitable for applications in which a fresh product is preferred.

70% fat cream is a completely raw product and best used where the product will be transported and then diluted for liquid (hemp milk) type applications


Spray dried hemp milk is also available via specific partners. If this product is of interest to you, please get in touch!