Good Hemp Ingredients are the ONLY global supplier of hemp protein concentrates and isolates at 75% (78% DM*) and 85% protein (90% DM) . Good Hemp Ingredients also produce Green Hemp protein 46% (50% DM).

Our specifications are completely transparent, we quote the protein level ‘as is’ as well as the dry weight basis. This means you know the actual amount of protein in your end application.

In general, animal proteins are more easily digested than plant proteins, but research shows that 91–98% of the protein in ground hemp seed is digestible which surprisingly is comparable with animal protein digestibility.

This means that the human body can use almost all of the amino acids in hemp protein powder for important bodily functions, such as repair and maintenance.

Evidence suggests that the high levels of edestin and albumin within hemp make it more digestible as the human body can break these proteins down particularly quickly.

Our white and green hemp proteins are complete proteins and each has a structure of 65% edestin, a high quality, easily digestible form of globulin protein and 35% albumin, the high quality globulin protein found in egg whites. They are free from trypsin inhibitors and naturally contain all 20 amino acids including all 9 essential amino acids. These amino acids are present in an ideal ratio. Easy to digest and hence do not cause bloating.

Hemp protein when compared to other vegan protein sources such as pea contain more amino acids but can be used successfully in combination as well.

Unique White Hemp Protein Isolate

White Hemp Protein isolates 75% and 85% are unique because unlike other hemp protein isolates only Good Hemp fractionate isolates through a wet process rather than dry. This results in a white clean tasting powder which is much easier to incorporate into different applications.

White Hemp Protein is the ideal, clean label, allergen free, GMO Free solution to pack more protein into a wide range of recipes.

White Hemp Protein Isolate 85%

White Hemp Protein Isolate 85% (with a dry weight basis of 90%) has a high water binding capacity; it is almost fully water soluble and has some emulsification properties. Our unique fractionation process concentrates the protein of the hemp heart into a high quality protein. From dairy and meat analoguess to nutrition drink powders, use this hemp protein to deliver complete plant-based protein with uniquely functional flavour, nutrition and other critical characteristics.

White Hemp Protein Concentrate 75%

White Hemp Protein Concentrate 75% (with a dry weight basis of 78%) can be used as a high protein flour and has excellent shortening properties in pastry. It is versatile and is also perfect for baking products like bread, cakes, brownies, cookies and muffins. This is a revolutionary ingredient for high protein foods and low carbohydrate foods. It is also popular for use in breakfast or gym shakes and sports nutrition.

Green Hemp Protein 46%

Green Hemp Protein 46% (with a protein dry weight basis of 50%) is a natural protein powder. As it is derived from the whole hemp seed it also naturally contains 10% fibre giving it a balanced nutrition profile.

This is the most commonly known form of hemp protein. Green Hemp Protein 46% naturally contains only 9% fat, but 7% of the fat is polyunsaturated Omega 3, 6 & 9 fats. This makes it a popular inclusion in health and wellbeing smoothies and shakes such as those intended as a health boost or for weight management. It is an excellent flour adding protein and fibre into baked products like breads, crackers, biscuits, brownies and muffins. Hemp Protein offers an untapped opportunity for flavour and nutrition across a wide range of uses.

*Dry Matter protein content